Don Lusk

When Tyrus Wong died at the end of last year, I thought for sure he was the last of the Disney artists who had worked on Bambi, but I was wrong! One of the credited animators is still alive: Don Lusk! He's 103 now (born October 28, 1913).

In Walt's time, an animator only got screen credit if they produced 350 ft. of animation. Don's specialty was small animals, so he must have done a lot of work on Bambi!

Two instantly-recognizable scenes animated by Don Lusk.

Here he is receiving the Winsor McKay Award in 2014. (His great-grandson accepted the award at the actual presentation ceremony.)

More on Don Lusk:

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Winsor McCay Award presentation.



They are all gone now

Tyrus Wong – the artist who most defined the atmospheric expressionist style of Disney's Bambi – died yesterday at the age of one-hundred-and-six.

They are all gone now – all of the artists who created Disney’s greatest animated animal adventure ever.

Beyond that, everyone from the Golden Age of Animation has now passed into history. It is truly the end of an era…



Kawaii desu!

Well, I can't seem to get LJ's video embedder to work with this file, so you'll just have to do a right-click/save as here and watch the mp4 in a separate media player. (It's only 8 seconds long.)

Do turn up your volume a bit, though, for full appreciation.